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Fiberglass ptfe adhesive tape

Location: China
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: OEM
Certificate: KC,CE,CB,ROSH
Terms of payment and delivery: FOB SHANGHAI
Minimum order quantity: 1000M*
Price: Consultation
Delivery time: 30days after confirmation of artwork and deposit
Payment method: TT 30% deposit,balance against BL copy
  • Port:Shanghai, China
    Production Capacity:100000 Roll/Year
    Payment Terms:L/C, T/T
    Applications:Industry Using
    Type:Coating Fabric
    Style:PTFE Coating

    Fiberglass ptfe adhesive tape is a kind of PTFE adhesive tape,it has a high performance,low friction and high restraining force.It can be widely used in oil,chemical industry,rubber industry,electronic and mechanical industry as a coating fabric for protecting surface roughness or scratching.The products have various types: Hardened,Calendared or coatings with phenolic resin.The fiberglass tape is used to bond the fiberglass with steel plate,the fiber glass viscose adhesive tapes are applied in fiber glass bonding and epping on fiberglass cloths.

    Packaging & Delivery

    Regular export packaging: 10pcs/one plastic or color box, 100 or 50pcs/one middle box, 500 or 1000pcs/one outer carton. Can be packaged according to customer needs.

    Delivery time: 30 days after receipt of the prepayment.



    1. Belt specification

        Width: 12mm/19mm/25mm

        Length: 5m-100m

        Thickness: 0.075mmr-0.2mm

        Density: 0.20g/cm3-1.50g/cm3

    2. The plastic casing size

        Outer diameter (OD): 49mm-96mm

        Inner diameter (ID): 25mm-33mm

    3. The plastic casing color: white, red, blue, yellow, green, etc., the color can be customized according to customer requirements.

    4. Tape color: white, yellow, blue, pink


    Product Description of waterproof velcro tape

     Standard or Nonstandard: 
     Mechanical Seal
     Place of Origin: 
     Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
     Brand Name: 
     tape color: 
     white or colorful
     H.S. code: 
    Regular export packaging:
    10pcs/one plastic or color box, 100 or 50pcs/one middle box, 500 or 1000pcs/one outer carton. Can be packaged according to customer needs.
    Delivery time:
     30 days after receipt of the prepayment.

    Quality Assurance

    Before production, we will inspect all raw materials, including Teflon powder and the casing of the valve plug.

    In the production process, we have professional inspectors to check and check each batch of goods.

    After the production is completed, our packaging personnel and production management personnel will carry out the final inspection of the goods and verify and confirm.


Hangzhou Linfeng Fluorine Plastics Co. , Ltd.

HANGZHOU LINFENG FLUORINE PLASTICS CO. , LTD. Was founded in 2006,is China Fiberglass ptfe adhesive tape suppliers and Fiberglass ptfe adhesive tape company, we located in Linan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. We are a professional manufacturer of high quality Teflon Tape(PTFE THREAD SEALTAPE) with excellent insulation of high and low temperature and acid and alkali-resistant features.

Zhejiang Fubo Smart Home Co., Ltd.

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    The company follows the principle of "customer-oriented, product development, quality management, and after-sales service", and has established a complete management mechanism to fully guarantee the quality of products.


    More than 90% of our company's products are exported to international markets, including Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia...


    Now we have a team of qualified engineers and staff, more than 20 workers. We are not the biggest, but the best partner you need.


    Our company adopts advanced production technology that meets international standards.

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Industry knowledge

The Benefits of Fiberglass ptfe adhesive tape
Fiberglass PTFE adhesive tape, also known as Teflon tape, is a versatile and high-performance material that offers several benefits in various applications. Here are some of the key benefits of fiberglass PTFE adhesive tape:
    Heat resistance: One of the primary advantages of fiberglass PTFE adhesive tape is its exceptional heat resistance. It can withstand high temperatures up to 500°F (260°C) without losing its physical properties. This makes it suitable for applications where heat insulation and protection are crucial.
    Non-stick properties: Fiberglass PTFE adhesive tape has excellent non-stick properties, which means that substances generally do not adhere to its surface. This characteristic is especially useful in applications where a low-friction, non-stick surface is required, such as in heat sealing, packaging, and food processing industries.
    Chemical resistance: PTFE is highly resistant to chemicals and solvents. Fiberglass PTFE adhesive tape can withstand exposure to a wide range of corrosive substances, including acids, bases, oils, and solvents. This chemical resistance makes it suitable for use in chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and laboratory applications.
    Electrical insulation: PTFE has excellent electrical insulation properties, and the addition of fiberglass reinforcement further enhances its dielectric strength. Fiberglass PTFE adhesive tape is often used as an electrical insulating material in applications such as wiring harnesses, coil insulation, and electrical component wrapping.
    Mechanical strength: The fiberglass reinforcement in PTFE tape improves its mechanical strength and dimensional stability. It provides added tensile strength and tear resistance, allowing the tape to withstand mechanical stress and pressure without deforming or tearing easily.
    UV resistance: Fiberglass PTFE adhesive tape has good resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This makes it suitable for outdoor applications where exposure to sunlight is a factor, such as in aerospace, automotive, and construction industries.
    Easy application: PTFE adhesive tape is typically provided with a silicone-based adhesive backing, which allows for easy application to various surfaces. The adhesive provides a secure bond, ensuring that the tape stays in place even in demanding environments.
    Versatility: Fiberglass PTFE adhesive tape finds applications in a wide range of industries due to its versatility. It is used in areas such as heat sealing, packaging machinery, conveyor belts, gaskets, release liners, and many other industrial applications.